capturing the moxie moments in my life...

Born in Bloomington, Minnesota.
Raised in San Jose, California.
Living in Seattle, Washington.

| ...yes, the rumors are true. |

I'm a sassy redhead who is compelled to TAKE LIFE to 11 and not afraid to ruffle a feather or two in the pursuit of excellence.
Everyday I seek to ignite passion, infuse purpose, and inspire progress by connecting, engaging, elevating and empowering the amazing relationships and ideas in my world.
words that illustrate my story:
believer * passion seeker * relationship builder * social media maven * real estate devotee * truth speaker * network connector * experience creator * natural promoter * wine lover * story teller * idea stormer * life photographer * confidence booster * energy sparker * wife, and tech geek raised by a computer nerd and a power woman.

Watching #DanielTiger w/ Miss E… the next gen Mr. Rogers! #suchagoodfeeling #ilovebeingauntie