capturing the moxie moments in my life...

Born in Bloomington, Minnesota.
Raised in San Jose, California.
Living in Seattle, Washington.

| ...yes, the rumors are true. |

I'm a sassy redhead who is compelled to TAKE LIFE to 11 and not afraid to ruffle a feather or two in the pursuit of excellence.
Everyday I seek to ignite passion, infuse purpose, and inspire progress by connecting, engaging, elevating and empowering the amazing relationships and ideas in my world.
words that illustrate my story:
believer * passion seeker * relationship builder * social media maven * real estate devotee * truth speaker * network connector * experience creator * natural promoter * wine lover * story teller * idea stormer * life photographer * confidence booster * energy sparker * wife, and tech geek raised by a computer nerd and a power woman.

Sleep WELL. Dream BIG. Listen CLOSELY. #goodnight (at d11 den)

Hope is an expectation of good…

Expect favor.
Expect blessings. 
Expect prosperity. 

inspired by @kevingerald

#thereismore #quote  (at Champions Centre Bellevue)

Getting warmed up… and ready to #rock4jesus @championscentre #bellevue! Join me—> 9:45 & 11:30 services :) (at Champions Centre Bellevue)

Won’t you pleeeeease play with me? #chihuahua #thatface

+11 cheers to sharing the weekend with family and friends… Time to laugh, renew our minds, and fill our soul tanks!

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. ~Thurman #quote #FireMeUp11 (at d11 den)

Lizzie sends Happy Friday wishes to you! #chihuahua (at d11 den)

9/11/08, Niko Moreno joined our family, healed my heart, and brought ooooodles of puppy shenanigans into my life. Forever #grateful!

Final #FireMeUp11 session of the day… Chat and Cheers! ✨ #marina #kirkland (at Carillon Point)

Blue sky and mixed architecture styles… #MyView to fuel me up for a #FireMeUp11 session! (at Windermere Bellevue Commons)

Any idea what type of spider this is? She was hanging out in our sliding glass door! #spider